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Chicago Playing Cards (Red Back)

Chicago Playing Cards (Red Back)


Casino quality Chicago themed playing cards by Joe Mills

This is not a Chicago novelty deck. These cards are printed on casino quality 310gsm linen card stock. It is suitable for people who like to play cards a little or a lot. The design of the entire deck is based off a classic playing card look with a definitive Chicago twist.

Kings: Richard Daley, Barack Obama, Mike Ditka, Michael Jordan
Queens: Jane Addams, Oprah Winfrey, Chaka Khan, Jane Byrne
Jacks: Al Capone, Harold Washington, Muddy Waters, Harry Caray
Joker: Bill Murray
Ace of Spades: Statue of Republic

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If you order 2 or more decks (red or blue), each deck will cost $12.50. Please enter the discount code 2ORMORE during checkout.

If you wish to purchase 8 or more decks, please contact for a larger discount.

Shipped and packed in a small cardboard box in order to arrive at your home safely. All sales are final.

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Free “Chicago Made Me” sticker with every order

Free “Chicago Made Me” sticker with every order