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Chicago Playing Cards (Blue Back)

Chicago Playing Cards (Blue Back)


Casino quality Chicago themed playing cards by Joe Mills

After creating the first version of the Chicago Playing Cards, I knew a second deck was inevitable. Other than the different colored backs, this deck boasts an entirely new set of face cards to capture more famous Chicagoans. Like the first version, these cards are printed on casino quality 310gsm linen card stock and completely suitable for people who like to play cards a little or a lot.

Kings: Richard M. Daley, George Halas, Daniel Burnham, Chance the Rapper
Queens: Mother Frances Cabrini, Lori Lightfoot, Gwendolyn Brooks, Michelle Obama
Jacks: Bobby Hull, Ernie Banks, John Hughes, Frank Thomas
Joker: John Belushi
Ace of Spades: Statue of Republic

Click here to see the red back Chicago Playing Cards

If you order 2 or more decks (red or blue), each deck will cost $12.50. Please enter the discount code 2ORMORE during checkout.

If you wish to purchase 8 or more decks, please contact for a larger discount.

Shipped and packed in a small cardboard box in order to arrive at your home safely. All sales are final.

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Free “Chicago Made Me” sticker with every order

Free “Chicago Made Me” sticker with every order