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Chicago Icons 18" x 24"

Chicago Icons 18" x 24"

from 10.00

'Chicago Icons' by Joe Mills

This print is the culmination of every Chicago print I have done to this point. It includes as many Chicago icons and landmarks I could comfortably put into an 18" by 24" space. Some of the artwork has been pulled from other maps and prints while some of it is brand new. See if you can figure out what each icon represents.

Offset print on 18" x 24" 100lb. Paper Gloss

If you order this item with another print, it is only $5. Please apply discount code FIVEDOLLARS during checkout.

Shipped and packed in a mailing tube in order to arrive at your home safely. All sales are final.

Also, I have partnered with Simply Framed to offer high quality custom framing made by hand here in the USA. Please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for your delivery.

Frame Details
3/4" black wooden frame moldings
UV-shielding plexiglass, which protects against about 89% of UV rays and 92% of light transmission
Archival acid-free foam core backing
Protective paperback finish
Wall bumpers
Hanging hardware + nails
Hanging and care instructions
Each frame arrives gift-wrapped in kraft paper

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Free “Chicago Made Me” sticker with every order

Free “Chicago Made Me” sticker with every order