I have a few updates to share about some recently completed work. First off, I have a new print for sale in my store. It is called Grid Chicago and is based off the street grid system that helps us Chicagoans get around. See the print below and buy it here for $20.

Grid Chicago

Next, I have another piece of typography related to Chicago. I took our favorite expressway bottleneck, The Circle Interchange, to make the illustration below. I plan on making this a print in the future.

The Circle Interchange

Also, I have added another portrait into the Flat Factory portfolio page. I expect this will be the last illustration I do like this for a while. I still have a number of sketches similar to this that could be illustrated. However, I have a slightly different direction to explore with the flat factories. Here is the piece I added:

Girl Flat Factory Portrait

Finally, I have included a portfolio page for the Second City t-shirt that is available for purchase for $19 on Location Apparel.

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