After doing a bunch of flat factory sketches (herehere, and here), it was time to bring some of these into Illustrator. They had sat on my computer for a while which gave me a chance to decide which sketches were worth using. Since people and portraits are consistently popular among illustrators, I decided to work on the portrait of M.I.A. and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman I had drawn. Here are the results:


Jesse Pinkman

I must say…I am very happy I made completed illustrations. After they had sat just as pencil for so long, I begun to doubt whether or not this whole style was worth the time. Even after working on the M.I.A. portrait in Illustrator for a while, I was still beginning to doubt it. An earlier version of her portrait had colors that matched the picture I had used. After ditching that, I decided to just use colors that made sense. The illustration really begun to come together for me after making that choice. It provided me with enough fuel to move on to the Jesse Pinkman illustration. And in turn, I completed them both at the same time.

All of this work has reignited my drive to work with this flat factory style. Instead of working on other imagery, I am going to stick with just portraits. They pop the best visually, and…I just like creating them.

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