After finishing my Chicago Typography Skyline, I wanted to try something else with typography and Chicago. After racking my brain on something different to attempt, I settled on doing a typography map of the entire Chicago Public School system. This would include every elementary school and high school. There are over 650 schools. Yes, quite an undertaking. Admittedly, I was doing this map to challenge myself. It was a good time to do something different and I wasn’t concerned with making this a finished piece. Plus, CPS tends to have school closings and name changes every year so this map might be outdated by September. Like my other maps, the exact placement of each school wasn’t crucial. As long as the school was in the right part of the city, I was happy. I can see myself bringing this into Illustrator in the future so each school is more visible, but I definitely achieved the look I was aiming for.

Click on the image below to see a larger view or check out the detailed views at the bottom.

Chicago Public Schools Typography Map

Chicago Public Schools Typography Map - Detail Chicago Public Schools Typography Map - Detail

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    I’m not aware of a school called “South Chicago”, unless it’s a new charter school or something. But, there are two separate George Washington schools, elementary and hs. GWES and GWHS. I went to both of them :)

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