More Flat Factory Sketches

Since I have had some more time to draw recently, I’m continuing to plug away on these flat factory sketches. I definitely like this direction, so I’m in the process of really perfecting it. I’ve come to the realization recently that I need to see how this will all come together in Illustrator. The sketches are great, but I think they will really “pop” once I add color. The first three are more along the lines of the original flat factory I designed. This time, I drew within a pre-determined boundary instead of the entire page. The last two, I took a slightly different direction. I wanted to add people to one, so I drew a flat factory obstacle course. And since I had done more three-dimensional factories in the past, I wanted to try a kitchen gadget in the flat style. More sketches to come…



  1. […] some type and then created my own monster to use as a pre-determined boundary for the factory. As I have mentioned previously, I need to move at least one of these to Illustrator and experiment with color and line thickness. […]

  2. […] doing a bunch of flat factory sketches (here, here, and here), it was time to bring some of these into Illustrator. They had sat on my computer for a […]

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