After finishing the Chicago Typography Skyline, I knew I had enough pieces to print for The Chicago Collection. When I looked back at the artwork I wanted to print, I knew two of them needed to be updated. Here are the changes:

Chicago Food Map Updated

The Chicago Food Map got the most drastic change. (To see the original, click here.) I had already spent a lot of time on it before, so I feared that I might just be overworking it. Even though I had put the time in, I wanted it to feel effortless…like the final output was always the original intention. I certainly believe I have accomplished that. In the original, I was never quite satisfied with the inclusion of Lake Michigan and the flags. I had believed that the lake gave it a sense of direction. In the end, though, the illustration has been about the food. As it got further and further away from a traditional map, it made sense to do away with the lake and flags and only highlight the food. The restaurants are still in their general location to each other, but I was more concerned with the spacing of everything and adding some variation to the sizes of each food item. Also, the illustration needed to pop more so I gave it some contrast by adding shadows to each piece of food. I had toyed with the notion to add some grunge on the sides or a texture but it ultimately took away from the illustration.

Chicago Museum Map

With the Chicago Art Museum Map, I was always pleased with the illustration but it was just a little too “pretty” for a print. So, I plan┬áto dirty it up by giving it torn edges and a texture. It was a small overall change but it adds another level to it that the original was missing.

Depending on how the price works out, the five pieces I plan on selling as part of The Chicago Collection are the Chicago Food Map, Summer in Chicago, ChicagO’s, the Chicago Art Museum Map, and the Chicago Typography Skyline. That should be a good start to all of this…

  • Nice. Do you have a price in mind for the collection, yet?

  • Not sure yet. I still need to research printing techniques and pricing to see what makes sense. I plan on doing something a little nicer than just posters.

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